Our development portfolio of few and handpicked projects. We give maximum dedication to the path of every story we carefully select, with our small team of editors and creative producers. 

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feature film


Dreamcatchers is a medical mystery thriller set in a bohemian, nocturnal Lecce. The story revolves around Luis and Aleksandr, bound since childhood by a controversial, intellectual and indispensable friendship, who find themselves as each other's patient in a pharmaceutical trial setting on whose success the young doctor's entire career depends, but to the detriment of the other's health.

Genre LGBTQ, Medical Thriller, Drama
Director Daniela De Francesco
Running time 90 min
Coproducers Analog.Vision (CZ), BadCrowd (GR), Tremora (LT)

Development programmes: Biennale Cinema College Italia 2022 and MFI Script2Film 2022





Hotel Tempus

feature film


They say “life always offers you a second chance”. What if it was true?
To remedy fatal mistakes, to build an afterthought-proof future, to rewind time, to redo everything. But this time doing it better.
In a virtual world where we can correct our mistakes with a quick ctrl+z, what if this solution was applicable to reality?

Genre Dark Academia, Teen, Action
Created by Daniela De Francesco
Screenwriters Daniela De Francesco, Francesca Bertone
Pilot' director Lorenzo Corvino
Producer Claudio Esposito


Apulia Film Fund 2021
MIC DG Cinema - Tax Credit





Cosmic Girl

short series


Bianca's summer is disrupted when she discovers that her childhood love Ivan and his friends have developed astounding physical abilities, which they claim to only use to counter the violent behavior of individuals altered by climate change. As a series of grisly murders is alarming the entire community, when her own life is put in jeopardy, Bianca begins to dig deeper into the information she receives from her friends. What if her involvement had never been accidental?


Genre Climate-Fiction, Teen-Drama
Created by Daniela De Francesco
Screenwriters Daniela De Francesco, Adama Grevoz
Pilot' director Lorenzo Corvino
Running time 6 x 30 min (with returnable potentials)

Adapted from « Cosmica » by Daniela De Francesco
Coproduction with Les Contes Modernes (FR)
Development workshop: Hamburg SeriesLab 2022
Coproduction Market: TV Beats @ Tallinn Black Nights - Industry@Baltic Event 2022
Awardst: TV Beats Special Award 2022, Fabrique du Cinema Best TV Series Concept 2022, HypeWriter Pitch Forum 2023 Shortlisted


MEDIA Single Development EACEA 17/2019,
Fondo Bilaterale Italia-Francia Mibact/CNC 2020 (Contributo allo sviluppo), 
Apulia Film Development
MIC Development Tax Credit





feature doc


The parallel and hidden life of E45 European highways.

Genre: Observational Documentary
Director Rosario Minervini
Running time 90'

Coproducer: Belino Production (ES)
Development Programmes: Agorà Thessaloniki Evia Film Project 2022, Forward 2022 Trento, Agora Mag 2023




Closed for Mourning

feature film


Ernesto, abruptly in debt because of his son, is subtly enticed to commit suicide by his father-in-law Iván, a declining old politician. Death is the only heroic act that could resolve the fate of Ernesto's entire family. Or maybe just Iván's one.

Original Title: Cerrado por Duelo (Chiuso per Lutto)
Genre Thriller, Drama
Director Dario Mascambroni (Berlinale Talents)
Running time 90 min

Coproduction with Bombilla Cine (AR), U Films (UY)


INCAA Production Fund





POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020

The Piranesi Experience is a beneficiary of the FRPC 'Fondo Rotativo per il Piccolo Credito' support for film-audiovisual development and production.
The Piranesi Experience è beneficiario del Sostegno del FRPC "Fondo Rotativo per il Piccolo Credito" per lo sviluppo e la produzione cine-audiovisiva

Asse 3 Azioni 3.3.1 e 3.6.1 - Asse 4 Azione 4.2.1 / Fare Lazio - Regione Lazio




Erogazioni Pubbliche 2020-2022


CF: 07625130724



Ente / Importo / Data / Causale

FILM COMMISSION TORINO PIEMONTE / 1.080,00 / 22/02/2022 / Contributo allo sviluppo

INVITALIA / 25.000,00 / 09/05/2022 / Contributo in conto esercizio Cultura Crea Plus

MIC-DG CINEMA / 12.000,00 / 03/05/2022 / Contributo per le coproduzioni minoritarie opera 'Paula', erogazione parziale

EACEA MEDIA EUROPA CREATIVA / 15.000,00 / 21/10/2022 / Single development progetto 'Cosmic Girl'

CINECITTA' ISTITUTO LUCE / 10.000,00 / 21/11/2022 / Fondo Bilaterale cosviluppo Italia-Francia progetto 'Cosmic Girl' 

MIC-DG CINEMA / 15.300,00 / 19/12/2022 / Credito di imposta a favore dello sviluppo di opere cinematografiche

MIC-DG CINEMA / 7.818,75 / 13/10/2022 / Credito di imposta a favore dello sviluppo di opere cinematografiche

MIC-DG CINEMA / 23.914,86 / 13/10/2022 / Credito di imposta a favore dello sviluppo di opere cinematografiche

MIC-DG CINEMA / 30.500,00 / 11/04/2022 / Credito di imposta a favore della produzione cinematografica ORF

MIC-DG CINEMA / 8.910,00 / 22/03/2022 / Credito di imposta a favore della produzione cinematografica

ADE / 22.500,00 / 29/12/2021 / Credito di imposta beni strumentali

PUGLIAPROMOZIONE / 13.333,77 / 30/09/2021 / Custodiamo la cultura in Puglia 2.0

REGIONE PUGLIA- APULIA FILM COMMISSION / € 37.571,00 / 25/05/2021 / Apulia Film Fund

AGENZIA DELLE ENTRATE / €  2.966,00 / 25/06/2020 / Contributo Fondo Perduto  Covid– Art. 25 Dl 34/2020

CCIAA DI BARI / € 10.000,00 / 16/11/2020 / Contributo Covid – Dl 104 Del 14/08/2020

CCIAA DI ROMA / €  9.100,00 / 08/07/2020 / Bando Voucher Digitali Impresa 4.0 - edizione 2019 MISURA B

MIC-DG CINEMA / € 11.309,00 / 12/10/2020 / Tax credit produzione opere cinematografiche – art. 15 legge n. 220/2016

UNIONCAMERE / €  2.180,00 / 30/09/2020 / Agevolazioni alle imprese per la registrazione di marchi dell’unione europea ed internazionali – MARCHI+3 bando 10607

ARTIGIANCASSA – ISTITUTO DI CREDITO / € 1.562,84 / 21/10/2020 / POR FESR Lazio 2014 – 2020 Attuazione degli strumenti finanziari. Integrazione risorse del Programma con le risorse regionali.

REGIONE PUGLIA- APULIA FILM COMMISSION / € 29.707,00 / 08/05/2020 – 10/12/2020 / Apulia Film Fund